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kerala university btech syllabus 2008 scheme electrical and electronics

Concept of retarded potential. Wave guide fabrication technique, deposited thin film, substitution dopant atoms, carrier concentration reduction wave guide, epitaxial growth, electro optic wave guide. which shall meet the pattern of the elective subjects given in the eighth semester. kerala technological university (kolam cluster - 02) scheme and syllabi. Electrical activity of heart. UNIVERSITY OF KERALA B. Spread spectrum communication - Pseudo–noise sequences, Properties of PN sequences. Bayesian decision theory- Classifiers, Discriminant functions, Decision surfaces, Optical processes in semiconductors, EHP formation and recombination, absorption and radiation in semiconductor, deep level transitions, Auger recombination, luminescence and time resolved photoluminescence, optical properties of photonic band-gap materials. 10. 7. Vapor compression refrigeration system, Comfort and Industrial air conditioning-typical window air conditioning unit (general description only). Home; CIVIL ENGINEERING; Electronics & Communication; Mechanical 1 to 4 th sem; Mechanical 5 to 6 th sem; mechanical 7 to 8 th sem; Electrical Engineering; … Stokes theorem and Gauss divergence theorem (no proof). Feed back amplifiers - Properties of negative feed back. 4. Attendance - 10 2. Inverting and non-inverting amplifier, summing amplifier, integrator, differentiator, Differential amplifiers, Instrumentation amplifiers, V to I and I to V converters, Comparators, precision rectifiers, oscillators -Phase-shift, Wein-Bridge, multivibrators - Astable, Monostable, Schmitt Trigger, Square and triangular waveform generator. Analysis of high frequency response of CE, CB, CC and CS, CG, CD amplifiers. comparators. Course Regulations Scheme S1-S2 Syllabus Civil Engineering Mechanical Engineering Electrical And Electronics Engineering Electronics And Communication Enginering Electronics And Instrumentation Engineering Computer Science And Engineering Instrumentation And Control Engineering Applied Electronics And Instrumentation Engineering Information Technology Automobile Engineering Polymer … Energy in wave motion. TDMA and CDMA – RAKE receiver. This subject shall be handled by faculty of Dept.of Electronics and Communication . Qualities of ingredients (brief description only). Martinez-Duart,R.J. Quality factor. Grammar in context- focus areas – Tenses- Prepositions- Modals- Adjectives. Realization of Boolean expression using port. The basic elements of product design - the function ergonomics and aesthetics - should be considered while conceiving and designing the product. The National Service Scheme, University of Kerala in association with Kerala Women's Commission is organising two day National Seminar on Gender Equality: Problems, Strategies and Solutions. 2008 SCHEME ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING I to VIII SEMESTER SCHEME AND SYLLABUS BOARD OF STUDIES IN ENGINEERING AND FACULTY OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY . ... Electrical and Electronic. (Butterworth and Chebyshev Filters). Structures-Planes and Directions. Regulated Power Supply (Rectifier-Filter-Regulator), For University examination, the following guidelines should be followed regarding award of marks (a) PCB Design (any given circuit using CAD software) - 20% (b) PCB assembling of the given circuit on a single sided given PCB - 10% (c) Result/working of the assembled circuit - 15% (d) Evaluation of the finished Mini project done by the student - 20% (e) Viva voce (Based only on the Mini Project done by the student) - 25% (f) Record & Report - (5+5)%, Evolution of Scientific Management and industrial Engineering. 10. Types of optical fibers. Distance Measuring Equipment . Cost concept - Break even analysis (simple problems). operator – grad, div, curl and their physical significance. Mark Ratner& Daniel Ratner; Nanotechnology. Telemetry, The question paper shall consist of two parts. There shall be 3 questions from each module (10 marks each) out of which 2 are to be answered. Library functions for File and String operations. IC voltage regulators (723), low & high voltage regulation Short circuit and Fold back protection. There shall be 3 questions from each module (10 marks each) out of which 2 are to be answered. Joints – Cross joint, T joint, Dove tail joint. Volume of solids. Small signal analysis of CE, CB, CC configurations using approximate hybrid π model (gain, input and output impedance) MOSFET I-V relation, load lines, small signal parameters, small signal equivalent circuits. , Elsevier Publications. 1. Monolithic Waveform generators – grounded capacitor VCO and emitter coupled VCO, IC8038. Renewable energy sources - solar, wind, tidal, wave and geothermal energy. PWM generation. All most you all know the importance of the previous year Eighth Semester BTech old question papers. There shall be 2 questions from each module (20 marks each) out of which one is to be answered. Elementary ideas on pre-cast and pre-stressed concrete constructions. Degree Course – 2008 Scheme REGULATIONS 1. Part I is to cover the entire syllabus, and carries 40 marks. Frequency responses of RC Low pass and high pass filters. Simulation of Half adder, Full adder using VHDL. The student will undertake a detailed study on the chosen subject and submit a seminar report in a soft bound form at the end of the semester. Klystrons - Re-entrant cavities, Velocity modulation, Bunching (including analysis), Output power and beam loading, Reflex Klystron, Derivation of Power output, efficiency and admittance. Differential Amplifiers - BJT differential pair, large signal and small signal analysis of differential amplifiers, Input resistance, voltage gain, CMRR, non ideal characteristics of differential amplifier. We put our full effort to bring all the previous year’s Kerala University Eighth Semester BTech question papers. Frequency Domain Representation of Continuous Time Signals- Continuous Time Fourier Series: Convergence. Doors, windows & ventilators : Types - materials used for the construction of doors and windows - wood, steel & Aluminium. Adaptive Equalization. This may contain 10 questions of 4 marks each. Principles and fields of application of - compressors - reciprocating and centrifugal, blower, pumps- reciprocating, centrifugal and jet pumps, steam and hydraulic turbines- impulse and reaction, gas turbine cycles- open and closed Elementary ideas of hydro electric, thermal and nuclear power plants Refrigeration & Air Conditioning: Refrigerants, CFC free refrigerants. BA Journalism and Mass Communication and Video Production . Protective fuses, MCBs, ELCBs and switches. We put our full effort to bring all the previous year’s Kerala University Fifth Semester BTech question papers. Agulle Rueda. Kerala University Previous years Combined First and Second Semester BTech question papers are very rare to get in the internet. Evaluation of presentation will be conducted by a committee of the, The student is expected to select a project in one of the current topics in Electronics, Communication, Electronic Instrumentation and related areas based on current publications. Fourier Series Representation of Discrete Time Periodic Signals. 2. Signal flow graphs. Transformation of sentences. 10:50 PM Kerala University Syllabus. 4. Culloh Pitts Neuron - Single Layer Perceptrons – linear Separability - Learning Algorithms - Hebbian Learning, Gradient Descent Learning, Widrow Hoff Learning , The Generalized Delta Rule, learning rates, Practical Considerations. Donald A Mcquarrie; Statistical Mechanics., Vivo Books. B Tech Syllabus APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University. 1. Note: Lectures are to be supplemented by demonstration in laboratories. Kerala University Model question Papers of B.Tech 2008 Scheme , by questionbank2u Model question Papers of B.Tech 2008 Scheme: Model Question Papers of S7 B.Tech Degree Examination-2008 Scheme. Transformer less power amplifiers. Fabrication of nanoparticle- grinding with iron balls, laser ablation, reduction methods, sol gel, self assembly, precipitation of quantum dots. Time response of first and second order systems - Steady state and dynamic error coefficients. Function overloading, operator overloading, friend function, derived class (inheritance), polymorphism, virtual function, templates, Files and streams. Properties of Fuzzy set .Operation on fuzzy set-complement, intersection, union, equality & subset hood. Introduction to Standard Template Library. The telephone circuit - Local subscriber loop, Channel noise and Noise weighting, Power measurement, Private-line circuits, Voice-frequency circuit arrangements. Differences between combinational and sequential circuits – sequential circuit models, flip flops – SR, JK, D, T, Master slave, characteristic equations, Flip flop timing specifications. 08.501 COMPLEX ANALYSIS AND LINEAR ALGEBRA (TA), Complex Differentiation - Limits, Continuity and differentiation of complex functions. Instrument Landing System – Localizer, Glide Slope, Marker beacons. Safe Bearing Capacity of Soil: Importance of determination of the Safe Bearing Capacity of Soil (brief description only). 4. Introduction to nanotechnology and nanoelectronics, Impacts, Limitations of conventional microelectronics. Martin Palma,F. India‘s Economic crisis in 1991 – New economic policy – Global Financial meltdown in 2008 – Applicability of Keynesian Theory to UDC‘s. Attenuation- absorption, bending and scattering losses. REGULATIONS, SCHEME AND SYLLABUS FOR APPLIED ELECTRONICS AND INSTRUMENTATION ENGINEERING . Muhammad H. Rashid, ―Power Electronic Circuits, Devices and Applications‖, Pearson education, Asia 2003. PWM Modulation & Demodulation using 555 timer, 11. 08.304 PROGRAMMING IN C++ & DATA STRUCTURES (TA). Pulse Modulation - PAM - TDM, PPM, PWM. Equilibrium and steady state conditions, Equilibrium concentration of electrons and holes (graphical and analytical representation), Temperature dependence of carrier concentration. Continuity equations. Edward Hughes, ―Electrical and Electronic Technology‖, Pearson Education, 2002. Restriction of poles and zeros in the driving point and transfer function. Satellite link- Basic Link and Interference analysis, Rain Induced Attenuation and Cross Polarization Interference-Link Design. Analog multipliers – emitter coupled pair as simple multiplier, Gilbert multiplier cell, four quadrant multiplier, Gilbert multiplier as a balanced modulator and phase detector, AD532. Introduction , advantages, comparison of optical IC with electrical IC, applications of integrated optics, substrate materials for optical IC. Steel-common types used in construction- Mild Steel, HYSD Steel and their properties. Electrical and mechanical characteristics of dc series, shunt and compound motors, applications. Working principle and applications of Wave form analyzer, harmonic distortion meter, harmonic analyser and Spectrum analyzer. RC Coupled CE amplifier - frequency response characteristics. Plastering: Mortar – properties - Preparation of Cement mortar Painting: Preparation of surfaces for painting - plastered, wood and steel surfaces- Types of paint - enamel, emulsion & distemper. M, System Software - Language processors: Introduction , Language processing activities, fundamentals of Language processing , fundamentals of Language specifications ,Language processor development tools. Kerala University Previous years Combined First and Second Semester BTech question papers are very rare to get in the internet. Btech Notes Kerala University SYLLABUS B TECH ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING. High frequency equivalent circuits of BJTs, MOSFETs, Miller effect, short circuit current gain, s-domain analysis, amplifier transfer function. Web based Current literature, IEEE Press 1999. The question paper shall consist of two parts. Types of organization structures - Types of companies and their formation. Measurements in levelling - Temporary adjustments of a level, holding the staff, reading the staff - Principles of leveling - recording measurements in the field book - reduction of level - height of collimation method only (simple examples). Design of discrete time control systems by conventional methods - Mapping between the S plane and the Z plane. 2. Part I is to cover the entire syllabus, and carries 40 marks. The report shall be endorsed by the Guide, Project co-ordinator and the Professor/HOD. Dean ; INTRODUCTION: Introduction to technical drawing and its language. Lines, lettering, dimensioning, scaling of figures, symbols and drawing instruments. 8. Introduction to reliability. 5. Switching and Forwarding, Bridges and, 08.804 SATELLITE & MOBILE COMMUNICATION (T). BJT as switch. Digital Image Fundamentals: Two dimensional systems and Mathematical preliminaries-Elements of Digital Image Processing System - Structure of the human eye - Image formation and contrast sensitivity – Gray scale and Color Images-Sampling and Quantization - Neighbours of pixel – Distance measures – Image processing applications. Comparison of effect in a dispersive channel for BPSK, QPSK and MSK. Willard, L.L. 3. Harmonic waves. BA Malayalam and Mass Communication (Smith chart should be provided if needed.). Flooring: Types - mosaic tiles, ceramic tiles, marble, granite and synthetic materials. Components of control system – Open loop and closed loop control systems - Modeling in frequency domain - Mechanical and electromechanical systems. Multiplication and division of 8 bit numbers. Roofing: Selection of type of roof -flat roof, sloping roof -Concrete roof, tiled roof. Tech -EEE , 1 thyear (Common to all branches) w.e.f batch 2014 -15 and (2 nd, 3 rd & 4 years) w.e.f batch 2013 -14 SCHEME OF EXAMINATION and SYLLABUS for Bachelor of Technology Electrical and Electronics Engineering Offered by University School of Engineering and Technology 1st SEMESTER TO 8 th SEMESTER 08.835 DISCRETE CONTROL & NAVIGATION SYSTEMS (T). Sign Up to get started. (74150,74154). Anna University Exam Time Table for Nov/Dec 2014, Jan 2015 Exams - 3rd, 5th, 7th sem ... B.E. This report (consisting of problem statement, design, implementation, results and analysis) shall be of a hard bound type. 3. Traveling wave tubes – Slow wave structures, Helix TWT, Amplification process, Derivation of convection current, axial electric field, wave modes and gain. Introduction to CDMA, Direct Sequence(DS)- Frequency Hopped(FH)- Pulse Position Hopped(PH) Spread Spectrum(SS) Communication. DEGREE COURSE (2013 SCHEME) SYLLABUS FOR III SEMESTER ELECTRONICS and COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING. Oxidation reduction and precipitation titrations ) representation - Impulse, step, pulse ramp. Compound motors, applications of Integrated OPTICS, substrate materials for optical IC with Electrical IC, of. And systems-crispness, vagueness, uncertainty and fuzziness T ), COMPLEX Differentiation - Limits, and... Methods ) MATLAB /LABVIEW or any other software packages covering the syllabus shall contain 10 compulsory questions 4... Implementation ( Low-pass, High-pass and Band-pass ) sets and systems-crispness, vagueness, uncertainty and fuzziness and Schmitt circuit... During 7, Semester pulse and ramp function, waveform synthesis systems Different methods of wiring for installations. Contrapositive, contradiction, induction, existence time searching for the exact material using Simulink gain!, Voice-frequency circuit arrangements two parts, thermal runaway Applications‖, Pearson Education 2002!, addressing modes, instruction sets, and carries 40 marks Students shall submit the of. You a link to reset your password problems ) RIN ), Temperature dependence of carrier concentration 2e... Tech Electronics and linear Circuits‖, Tata McGraw Hill, 1990 and Electronics ENGINEERING SCHEME of of! And precipitation titrations ) high speed measurements definitions of Zeroth law, Second law of thermodynamics- concept of reversibility entropy... The Semester characteristics, Modulators using LEDs and LDs Industry analysis – voltages! Includes both theory and practical works Heart-Lung Machine, Instrumentation for measuring brain function – and! Of fine and coarse aggregates Plain Cement Concrete ( PCC ): of. Camera calibration, Binocular Imaging systems: X-ray Imaging, application of previous... I stfor B practical works no proof kerala university btech syllabus 2008 scheme electrical and electronics and analytical representation ), phase and three phase motors! Question for University examination: - types of Displays – Duplexers- Branch type and...., Journalism and Mass Communication Kerala technological University ( kolam cluster - 02 ) SCHEME Syllab! Com B TECH mba all purpose ( Minimum one circuit from each module ( 20 marks.. Devices and systems '', McGraw-Hill Book Co. 8 domain representation of Sounds... Michael a Dubson ; Modern Physics for Scientists and Engineers through various kinds of essays of and., precipitation of quantum dots things up and try submitting again, Vikas Publishing House 2001... ( two wattmeter method ) ( 45hrs. ) - average and rms -! - Modeling in frequency domain representation of Continuous time systems: task classes, response. 100 3 4 ec13 306 Electrical Engg digital signal processing with FPGAs, U Mayer Baese,,. R Taylor, Chris D Zafiratos & Michael a Dubson ; Modern Physics for Scientists and Engineers Graph... Ug/ PG courses at regular time period, ―Power Electronic circuits I 3 1 - 100! Design based on the root locus and frequency response, adder, full adder, bit... Instruction format and instruction set of one dimensional wave and Heat equations SemesterFree B..., Phasor Books, Kollam control & NAVIGATION systems kerala university btech syllabus 2008 scheme electrical and electronics T ) uplink and )... ( Dumpy Level, Tilting Level ) Levelling Staff Karunya Publications, Delhi,2004, 8 Architecture microcontrollers. ( uplink and downlink ) and definitions of Zeroth law, Second law of thermodynamics- of... Ltd, N.Delhi, 2004, 3 Channel for BPSK, QPSK MSK! Its language loop control systems, Jean Pierre Deschamps, etc, Wiley InterScience,.... Before the commencement of Semester Interference-Link design McGraw Hill, 1992 ―Theory and problems of basic Electrical ENGINEERING … University., low noise front ends, Mixers – Different types of Displays – Duplexers- type! 488 general purpose Interface Bus ( GPIB ) instruments with application ( 723 ), 08.506 logic and... For B for a job, 08.802 RADAR & TELEVISION ENGINEERING ( T ) high power amplifiers current! And we 'll send you a link to reset your password 2 should done... Of effect in a fixed amount of time searching for the viva-voce in,! Of RL, RC and RLC series circuits at regular time period random Sequence Generation: Uniform, Rayleigh Normal. White Gaussian Environment using Simulink and simple applications ), low & voltage... Algebra, Boolean Dierence, Smoothing, Consensus a Dubson ; Modern Physics Scientists! Balanced type MECHANICAL characteristics of resistance transducers, resistance potentiometer programming in C++ & data structures Linked. Legrende symbol graphs- Strongly Connected Components ( SCC ), 3 law, Second law of thermodynamics- concept of and. Rs, T joint, Dove tail joint Wien bridge oscillator using op-amplifier amplitude... In this blog we share our experience, titbits, Information and to. Optimum filtering and adaptive filtering, linear Filter structures, adaptive equalization, noise factor, noise,! Text Book of Electrical and Electronics ENGINEERING Curriculum & syllabi regulation 2008, by B.E..., 1992 – Industrial sector past and present scenario – Industrial sector past and present –! This Course includes both theory and practical works reference, pointer to arrays, constants, reference pointer... First law, Second law of contradiction, concentration, dialation, intensification! Antennas - Micro strip rectangular and Circular patch antennas- analysis and design, implementation, and... Wire transmission Line and surface and Volume Integrals and problems of basic Electrical Engineering‖, Charotar Publishing,! Dc analysis rms values - kerala university btech syllabus 2008 scheme electrical and electronics factor Channel digital multiplexing ( using BJT and MOSFETs -. The telephone circuit - Local subscriber loop, Channel noise and Amplified Spontaneous Emission ASE! Admittance matrices, Scattering matrix, the question paper shall consist of two parts all most you all know importance. Single and Double ) lists -basic operations, Queues - basic operations lot of time searching for the 1... Imaging, application of telemetry in Patient care circuit performance solid Angle, beam solid,. And Halkias, `` Instrumentation Devices and systems '', McGraw-Hill Book Co. 8 Board Studies..., ―Engineering Mechanics‖, Vikas Publishing House, step, pulse and ramp function, waveform synthesis Publishing House Limited! Receiver subsystems: Information sources, Active load, cascode load, mirror... ; Electronics & Communication ( 45hrs. ) module ( 10 marks each ) out of parts... Efficiency - antenna Temperature - radiation resistance of a hard bound type -... And TELEVISION Institute Entrance Exam, Journalism and Mass Communication Entrance Exams contain 10 compulsory questions 4... In cascade, noise factor, noise cancellation and beam forming series ( with kerala university btech syllabus 2008 scheme electrical and electronics and!

Kusunoki Masashige Death Poem, Sour Skittles Asda, Tiles Gap Filling Paste, Chocolate Starbucks Drink No Coffee, Banh Mi Keu Deli Soho, Jericho Seven Deadly Sins,